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A local ministry
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Diaspora means "dispersion" in Greek and stands for the growing group of people living outside the homeland of their ancestors. The 21st century is a time of unprecedented movement of people across the globe due to political conflict, famine, better economic or education opportunities.


God is sovereign over this dispersion of people and uses it for His purposes. Through migration, God is bringing people from all corners of the world to America. A large group of those people come from countries that are hostile or resistant to Christianity, but once here, the barriers to the Gospel are removed. They are open to hear and receive Christ, if only the Church seizes to opportunity to tell them!


Thus, Diaspora aims at telling the foreigner among us about salvation in Jesus Christ, building a diverse community of Christ-followers who, through biblical discipleship and Christian counseling, become spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy so that their testimony to the power of God breaks through human or geographical limits.


The focus of the ministry is two-fold: summer ministry among J-1 students and ministry among international women. However, the possibilities of reaching out to the international Diaspora in the Myrtle Beach area go beyond that - there is a local permanent community of foreigners who can be reached through a sports ministry, and also a group of international students attending local schools year-round.


They are the international residents among us that can grow the local church into a multicultural community of Christ-followers.


In the PDF packet, there are testimonies and stories of a few of the people I've worked with over the years. God keeps adding to them.




Ellie Markova

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